Safety Whip Light For Site

Huazhao’s Safety Whip light Solutions for all vehicle types & equipment needs. We are proudly supporting the Heavy Equipment industries, Mining, Agricultural, Construction, & Transportation Industries. As the safety whip manufacturer, Safety Whips complete whip solutions offer leading-edge LED light technology to support industrial safety programs and efforts. All of our products are built to withstand various environmental conditions, and customizable to your specific industry needs.

Advantage Of  Huazhao’s Safety Whip Light :HZ55 Series

  1. Count on Safety whip lightto keep you highly visible and safe, on the job, and working.
  2. We manufacture the most widely held and durable Safety Whip lightin the demanding mining sector.
  3. Lighted and non-lighted whips are both available with a broad selection of whip styles, lighting options and sizes, base options, and mounting options for ease of use and installation.
  4. Wide-ranging and broad product array and accessory collection lets you customize your products to meet your precise work condition needs.
  5. Manufactured with the superior EVA making our whips the strongest whips available in the industry.
  6. Superior EVA is Safe and Non-conductive , soft and elastic, not easy to yellow and break, long service life, and environmental protection characteristics.
  7. Heavy Duty Fluorescent Flags are made of our industrial strength Nylon Mesh ,Reflective X material if scratched open it will not degrade prematurely (available in orange, green and yellow).
  8. Our Super Bright Nylon Mesh Flags are made out of a high grade Nylon Mesh which is a knitted vinyl mesh and is coated before it is knitted; as well as top and bottom coated to ensure longevity — giving better overall flag performance and durability to end users.

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