How to choose Led Whip Lights for your vehicle ?

When looking to purchase whip lights, make sure you select the right length according to your vehicle’s size. Five- or six-foot whips are suitable for Jeeps and monster trucks, while shorter lengths are ideal for side-by-side vehicles like RZR, ATV and UTV. A whip that’s too long increases the chances of getting hit by the flexible tube during acceleration and rapid turn arounds, so select the right length for added safety.

An important feature to consider when choosing a whip light is the color-changing function. Modern technology now makes it easy to change the colors automatically after you’ve picked the right mode on a remote controller. Some of the remote controls include hundreds of color patterns. A Bluetooth controller allows the colors and patterns to respond to the music playing on your paired device.

A straight LED whip has a simple structure, but if you want a more stimulating and sophisticated lighting effect, choose spiral shape whip lights. Many spiral shape models have a flexible, twisted light strip in a tube that adds a spiral lighting effect to your vehicle.

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Products Specification: 

Item no. :HZ-5030C ,HZ-5060C ,HZ5090C

1> Material: Housing: EVA + silicon, Base: aluminum with quick release, Harness: PVC, Flag: nylon
2>Color: 20 color options(RGB, blue, red, green, white, yellow, orange, pink, purple)
Pattern: 300 kinds of pattern(chasing, build-up, strobe, flash, blink, and more)
Mode: 66 kinds of mode, Brightness: 32 levels, Speed: 10 levels
3>With memory function
4>Accessories:plug-n-play harness and control box,remote control,quick connect/disconnect mounting base,American flag w/carabiner rings,instruction manual.
5>Turn light function &Brake light function                                                                                                                                                  

6>Size: 1ft (30cm) ,2ft (60cm) ,3ft (90cm)

What are COB Led Whip Lights ? 


COB Led Whip Light is a new type of Whips Light, COB stands for Chip on Board, it’s a technology which package led chips directly on the flexible printed circuit board. It reduces the use of frame and gold thread compared to traditional flexible strip, come with No-hot-spot, wider beam angle, better heat dissipation, etc.


Consistent and uniform lights with no hot spots, perfect solution for a wide variety of applications where you don’t want to see the dots.



Due to the Chip On Board technology, it is so flexible even for tiny bend radius.


From the quality LED chips to the copper core wires, the internal and external artisanal craftsmanship creates comfortable lighting products with peace of mind and durability.

Wider Beam Angle

Uniform light color/high transmittance/no dark area/long service life, COB strip light angle up to 180°, luminous efficacy up to 100Im/W.

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